Ladders Resume Guide 2019


By Mark Cenedella

In this 2019 updated edition to the Amazon bestseller, the author of America’s largest career advice newsletter shares best practices and expert advice for writing a great resume, without the drama or agony, in a quick 90 minute read.Based on 15+ years experience, with millions of resumes, from the leader in $100K- $500K careers, Ladders 2019 Resume Guide provides easy and effective advice for fast-rising and mid-career professionals. In about 90 minutes, Cenedella shares the best insights and hand-picked advice from his decades-long experience. Here’s what you’ll learn in Ladders 2019 Resume Guide:The four gatekeepers who can block your resume from success. Cenedella walks you through the four critical gatekeepers that you need to please with your effective resume. Each of these audiences is looking for something different, and his expert insight into the nuances makes it easy for you to master these tricky subtleties.How to avoid resume writing anxiety. Most of us don’t write resumes for a living, but we need a resume to make a living. That creates unneeded anxiety for you. A resume can be so important to your career success, and yet, you likely have very limited personal experience in writing resumes. This lack of understanding about how resumes work — what makes one effective and another a flop — causes resume anxiety. Cenedella dispatches common misconceptions that cause you to worry too much, and highlights for you the tricky areas that you do need to watch out for.The right way to craft a resume that will make you successful. Cenedella shares the principles behind making a successful resume. How and why successful resumes work, and pitfalls to avoid where you unintentionally shoot yourself in the foot. By teaching you the simple rules behind what makes resumes successful, Cenedella prepares you to craft your own professional resume.Specific, step-by-step, line-by-line instructions for the fast-rising and mid-career professional. As a busy, successful professional looking to get ahead, you’re just looking for the right answers as to how to get your resume done. Cenedella boils it all down to the simple line-by-line, and sometimes word-by-word, formula to make a winning resume. Ladders 2019 Resume Guide presents an effective, tested, data-driven, easy-to-follow, easy-to-understand, expert guide to writing your resume right now.Author Marc Cenedella wrote America’s largest career advice newsletter for 15 years, reaching 10 million people weekly. A nationally renowned career expert, his insights into what makes resumes successful are based on data and learnings from helping millions of resumes hit their mark at Ladders, the leader in $100K to $500K careers.

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  1. This book is loaded with great information helpful to job seekers irrespective of job or pay level.

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