Considering a Professional Resume Writer


By Gordon Walter

There are lots of resources available to help you write your own resume.  The Internet is filled with free resume templates.  Bookstores and public libraries always have books detailing the resume writing process.  Besides, you write things every day, so you can certainly write your own resume.  But should you?

Within this techno-centric age, a good resume is more critical than ever.  A resume is frequently your first introduction to an organization, and the relationship ends there if said resume does not do its’ job.  A professional resume writer adds value.

Today’s resumes should be polished and aligned with technology.  Most resumes are submitted digitally via the Internet through job boards or directly to corporate websites.  Professional resume writers are adept at effectively producing resumes that successfully negotiate these environments.  The writer can establish your “personal brand” through use of primary and secondary keywords reflecting the tools, skills and knowledge employers are looking for and present you as the best fit to meet those needs.  The highly qualified professional resume writer is knowledgeable of current trends and knows how to build a resume portraying the best “you” and uses the right techniques to get favorable notice.  It is all about marketing, and you are the product being sold.  Using a professional resume writer can make the job search a faster process; shorten the amount of time before interviews are scheduled and lessen the total energy consumed by your search campaign.

A good resume writer has honed his/her skills over time, and blends writing ability with career expertise.  The professional writer writes daily, is comfortable in the job search arena, and has a keen sense of “know-how” versus “know-that.”

Looking for a job is stressful and a lot rides on the outcome.  Your resume must not be an afterthought.  To effectively compete with other candidates, it definitely should not be the product of a cookie-cutter template.  Money spent for a professionally written resume is well, well worth it.

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