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Some resumes these days are incredibly good and do many things necessary for success in a challenging job market, while others are less so. Following are observations on what makes the difference between a good resume and those not as effective.

“Resume +”

The resume is:

  • Well-organized and very readable
  • No more than 1-2 two pages in length (Curriculum Vitae’s are an exception where “more the better” often applies)
  • Built around keywords (behaviors, skills and attributes most likely searched for by résumé screening software)
  • Spelling out acronyms placed in parentheses
  • Crisp, detailed and to the point
  • Tailor-made for a specific job
  • Making use of the appropriate number of metrics to quantify and tell a story

“Resume -“

The resume:

  • Lacks necessary detail; more facts regarding past experience needed for reader to get sense of career progression
  • Presents information that is too high-level and vague; large gaps between jobs not explained
  • Fails to list all technical skills, certifications, software, etc. (Determine those items best supporting the desired job and list them; not doing this may prompt reader to assume you’re lacking in this area – most relevant for non-managerial positions)
  • Lacks metrics making it difficult for reader to determine scope
  • Has grammatical, spelling and other errors (all such no-no’s often prove fatal to a job candidacy)

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